Meteor raises $20M

Probably one of the most important news posts regarding Meteor in a while. The future for Meteor is looking bright!

Check it out: Meteor Raises $20M To Build The One Javascript Stack To Rule Them All | TechCrunch


wow! nice to hear :grinning:

Great news! congrats MDG!

Wow. Congrats :smile:

Good stuff! Gongrats!

But Galaxy is just the first piece of a much larger puzzle. Schmidt told me that building and hosting applications are important, but things like app performance analytics and testing are just as vital to the ongoing development process and Meteor has software in the pipeline that will address those as well. has provided a very easy way to host Meteor apps for the past two years, and there are several other good options too. @arunoda beat them to the punch regarding monitoring and analytics with Kadira.

MDG has done a fine job with building Meteor and its community, but they’ve really drop the ball with Galaxy. Odd that they get rewarded with $20M. I’m certain you could give $1M each to ten different teams and get a Meteor hosting and monitoring solution much faster than MDG can deliver–leaving you with $10M in pocket money.