Meteor re-deploy


is there any way to preserve existing database while re deploying the project.

i am using mupx package for deploying.

my point is that when i re-deploy the project mongo database is cleared / deleted. so how can i save my old data when i re-deploy any update of project.


If your data is getting reset when you re-deploy, there must be something in your code that is overwriting your existing db. Using mupx deploy won’t overwrite your db.


ohk… thank you for reply.

now for my code i use only meteor accounts package for login and logout.

and i use to create 3 user as on with condition that insert only when user does not exist in databse… orlther operations are done using api access from different node server. so there is no way that my code deletes the database…


Have you renamed your app in the mup.json file? By default mupx creates a database with the same name as your app (as far as I know / remember).

Whenever I re-deployed it was fine. Just make sure you keep your app name the same and the MONGO_URL the same as well.


thank you… i will see into this…