Meteor + React code Generator

Hi there,

Still under development, but now can generate (very simple) Meteor + React + FlowRouter application (for example, try to build example-minimal or example-accounts application).

Use --react command line switch:

meteor-kitchen <input_file_or_url> <output_directory> --meteor-release 1.3-modules-beta.8 --react

So… now you can choose between Blaze+Iron Router or React+FlowRouter :wink:
BTW, you can use your old input files - it’s backward compatible.

Still under development so expect tons of bugs

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


One more thing: currently 0.9.58 works on Mac and Linux only. Windows version is not compiled yet… working on that.

excellent! My next POC Apimoon will then be React based :wink:

Awesome! Great upgrade.

Are they using the same examples? If so, could the build scripts be used as the basis for upgrade scripts?

@awatson1978 Meteor Kitchen is using the same input file format, no matter are you building Meteor+Blaze or Meteor+React. It’s 100% backward compatible.

But, Meteor+React is not fully implemented yet. So, currently you can build only “example-minimal” and “example-accounts” (from the same .json input file - you choose Blaze or React with command line switch).

After “React” part of meteor-kitchen will be fully implemented, you’ll be able to build any application for which you have kitchen input file as Meteor+React (and Meteor+Blaze too - as you wish).

So… answer to your question is: Yes, but not yet (unless your application is very simple).

For people who are using custom kitchen components in their apps (providing their custom “html” and “js” code), they will need to add “jsx” code too in order to properly buid React app.


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One more thing… In last update, I added compatibility table (little bit hidden, at the end of page), as I am rewriting more components from React to Blaze, compatibility will grow up. So, there you can track my progress. After all examples can be built both with Blaze and React, that will mean that any application can be built too.

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Latest kitchen v0.9.61 is now available for Windows.

Enjoy! :slight_smile: