Meteor & React For Everyone - Slow build times


I’m running through the tutorial, Meteor 1.3 & React For Everyone, which is great, however every time I update my code the build takes a good 30+ seconds to refresh.

I’ve got a bigger personal app running on meteor 1.2 and when I make changes to my code the build takes a few seconds.

Is there something I’m missing because this is becoming painful and I’m only up to lesson 4.


I’m guessing here; When you make changes in Blaze (as opposed to React), Meteor is smart enough to just push the changes to the client. When you’re making changes on the server side, the whole app needs to be rebuilt. Could this be the issue?


It does appear to rebuild the entire app each time I make change. Does anyone know if there is a solution for this?


I strongly recommend you to use gadicc:ecmascript-hot package instead of standard ecmascript. You will get immediate content reload (when using React) without waiting for the Meteor’s rebuild. You can test it with my boilerplate.