Meteor react hot reload / refresh very slow


it takes up to 15sec to refresh when I change a simple word.
How can this be speed up?

there are topics similar to my question, but is webpack after 1.2 release still the only solution?

it seems, that on every reload everything gets rebuilt.
Can anyone help?


meteor packages


npm packages

“react-router”: “0.13.3”,
“externalify”: “0.1.0”


What version of browserify do you have? I would try to update to the latest for sure… that was the bottleneck for me. I know they were working on updating support for the new 1.2 system (I think the old version doesn’t use it in 1.2)

I ended up switching to Webpack instead of the built in packager and my reloads are down to 0.8 - 1.5 seconds. It’s a hassle to migrate a large app but was rather fun on the weekend with a pint.

If you search the forums there’s two different webpack builds with different levels of ‘taking over’ your build process.


Thank you so much! This community is really incredible.
It reminds me of early rails / ruby community.

I ll try it out.

Von meinem iPhone gesendet


Am noticing slower refresh as well since Meteor 1.2. Surprised as they seemed to have enhanced this in this particular 1.2 release.

@radosch: was browserify the problem?