Meteor(React) : iOS application when enters to background(background running instance) all images disappears

Created iOS application and running it on iphone-6 (iOS-application Meteor-ReactJS[version-1.6]).

When the application enters in to the background(background running instance) and again enters to foreground, all the images from application disappears.

Everything is working fine apart from display of the images. To see all the images all again I need to kill the application(i.e killing the background instance of application) from background and needs a fresh start.

I am saving images to Amazon-s3 using meteor files.

Observed a application little and I came to know when there is a parameter in URL(eg./edit/:id using FlowRouter for the same). Then only images of subsequent/next components(pages/urls) are disappearing.

Not getting what is going wrong. Any help will be appreciated.

We started experiencing this exact same issue, but not exactly sure when it started to happen. We think we may have “fixed” the issue by installing this modified version of cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp. Give it a try and let us know if this also fixes your issue.

$ meteor add cordova:cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp@

There are some pull requests on cordova-plugin-meteor-webapp that seem to be related, but we have not dug completely into this as we are still testing the other version of the plugin.

FYI, iPhone 6 with iOS 11.0.3 with Meteor 1.6

Edit: saw this issue, which looks to be same problem.

Thank you I will surely give a try. And also need to pay attention to parameters passing from URL’s.

Also currently suffering from this issue (I think). I posted it in Stack Overflow with some log files that seem to show the embedded web server has failed in some way.

I would really like to see Meteor’s Cordova support getting a bit more love. What happened to Martijn?

Experiencing the same problem now. Seems to also occur if the app was in the background for some time. Pretty annoying.