Meteor + React is Here - Learn Meteor 1.3 (Beta), React, React-Bootstrap, and Mantra

Hey everyone!

My book, Meteor + React, just went live! It’s a concise little book, just under 80 pages, teaching how to build apps using the current beta of Meteor 1.3, React, React-Bootstrap, and Mantra.

You can learn more and get the first three chapters free here:

Or jump straight to the purchase page here:

The book will be continually updated as Meteor 1.3 and Mantra are finalized and new best practices are established.


Looks fantastic! I just purchased my copy. :smile:

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@kenrogers Curious about stateless components in Mantra. I see you used React-Bootstrap in your project in the book. Did you cover Bootstrap modals? As in here …it uses state to open and close the modal. I’m wondering how to do this without state.

@townmulti starless components is not a must in Mantra. You can create component by extending React.Component.

Why you can’t do it to manage app state inside the component.

@arunoda I will look more into it. Thanks for the response.

Looking forward to buy this book! Reviews from anyone who have already used it?

We just released a really easy method to get React and Tracker integration, one cannot make it easier and the implementation can’t be lighter, it’s ridiculous how easy we’ve made it.

Bonus feature: Server Side Rendering (see the clip ;))

Learn how we build easy React Components with Meteor 1.2 and Tracker using Tracker.Component:

Demo and instructions for 1.3 is on the way, just not tonight :smile:

Cheers from the folks at Studio Interact


@kenrogers, does your book explain how to include a package like accounts-ui and access it from a Mantra component?

It shows you how to add accounts-password and wire up a login & registration component but not actually use it. The book feels very light on content and most of the features are half complete so I would suggest you wait for the updated version of the book.

Meanwhile, check out:
GitHub - mantrajs/meteor-mantra-kickstarter: Kickstart your meteor mantra development
GitHub - mantrajs/mantra-sample-blog-app: A sample blog app built with Mantra

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Thanks very much for this info, @morganjackson.

Hi @timbrandin,

Thanks for this awesome package! :thumbsup:

I believe you should post this on a separate topic and tag it as announce, so that the community will see it right away.


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@kenrogers, I just purchase your Meteor + React book and am enjoying it and learning a lot!

first three chapters free link showing 404 Error, did anyone read it. I’m curious to know about this book.
John, ReactJS Trainer

I would not get this one. The information is outdated and I’m not currently selling it. I’m working on a new version using Meteor 1.4 that does not use Mantra, the online version is free and it’s about 3/4 done right now: