Meteor + React + Redux

Hello, I’d like to know if is a good option to use meteor + react + redux?
I found some tutorials about meteor + react and some examples, but I couldn’t found examples with redux.
I’m new in meteor, but I’ve been working for seven years in the JavaScript stack both front-end and back-end.
Please, could you help me with some comments about your experience.

I don’t think there is a better way than coupling the three of them. If it’s a small app and you only need to connect data to views, Containers and passing props is the easiest way. Containers are mostly used for vertical data structures where you disseminate data from top to bottom.

Now, if you need to move data horizontally and from bottom to top, that is what Redux is for. It is also best for super managing states like processing component states that depend on data of other components. When you Redux your React in Meteor, you can easily decouple from Meteor server and connect with Apollo or anything else. Your Redux actions can call Meteor methods or any other functions that return data. You can be connected with Meteor reactively, non reactively and at the same time get the weather data from an API and fake news from another API. Redux makes it very easy to keep track and organize all these.

Hello, thank you for your answer.
My app will be big, not a small app.
That is my reason to use react + redux in meteor.
But, I couldn’t found tutorials or examples about meteor + react + redux at least in the past year.