Meteor + react-router-ssr with v1.3-modules-beta.8


I’m having some troubles trying to implement SSR with react router.

I have installed react, material-ui through npm and react-router through meteor package manager.
Everything was working as expected but now that I need to do SSR, It is not.

First, I installed react-router-ssr through npm but when running it throws Can't find npm module 'react-router-ssr' I have tried with import, require, ‘ReactRouterSSR’, ‘react-router-ssr’, etc. and It always throws this error.

Then I installed it through meteor package manager and I couldn’t make it work either. It starts the app but then it throws that I have two copies of React installed.

So, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Same problem for me :neutral_face:

the issue is here

What I did was to downgrade to Meteor 1.2. Had to change everything.

Check the issue again, it gives hope to be patient… :

" I’ll release something for 1.3 soon "