Meteor & React - Routing made easy



We want to continue our and present an easy integration with React. We realized that using FlowRouter and react-mounter is too much for a novice, so we decided to select from our projects our abstraction layers for it, that helped us increase productivity and reduce the number of lines while keeping clarity.


This is it. It’s based on FlowRouter + react-mounter. It’s just a bridge, nothing fancy.

Feedback is welcome.


@diaconutheodor i’m on the process of trying out the desklamp router which has some kind of lite state management… once i’m successful i’ll let you know as well


sorry for hijacking this thread =(

anyways, i faced this error during meteor npm i -S desklamp . i am not sure if this comes from meteor or from desklamp though… i already raise an issue from their repository

    $ meteor npm install --save desklamp
    test@0.0.1 /home/theodor/projects/XXX
└── desklamp@0.1.4

No worries, worked for me.


got this… my app name was desklamp so it can’t install an npm package with same name… lol