Meteor-React start-app with Meteor release 1.3-rc.3 with React and React Router via NPM

Meteor-React start-app

This start-app contains:

  • Meteor release 1.3-rc.3 with React and React Router
  • NPM Packages: react@15.0.0-rc.1 react-dom@15.0.0-rc.1 react-router@2.0.0-rc5 history@2.0.0-rc2 react-mixin babel@6.5.1
  • ES6: arrow functions
  • A basic lay-out with a header, body and a footer
  • User Login (create account, login/logout, change password)
  • Router with Navigation buttons
  • Some static ‘pages’: Home, Admin and NotFound
  • All features of MDG’s simple-todos-react, such as:
    • Add a new task
    • (NEW) Edit a task
    • List of tasks
    • Counter with number of not completed tasks
    • Filter or not completed tasks
    • Change tasks from public to private and vice versa
    • Change tasks from not-completed to completed and vice versa
    • Remove tasks

Find the source at Github: AnnotatedJS/meteor-react-start-app

Try it out at

See also the tutorial that goes along with this start-app.


Thanks so much for the repo/tutorial!

I was a bit lost after doing the built in meteor todo tutorial, especially with 1.3 beta and react through npm. Your tutorial is easy to follow and up to date. Thanks!

Thanks, your welcome.

The Meteor-React-start-app is now upgraded to Meteor release 1.3-rc.3