Meteor / React: std:accounts-ui don't add user


I’m on Meteor 1.4 and using React, I installed std:accounts-ui and placed it in my code. The Login/register form is displaying good in my page, I have no console Error (shell/browser) and the login form seems to work, but the register one doesn’t work at all (and I have no error messages).

In fact when I click on “register” button, Nothing happen … not even an error message …

I placed in my code:


import { Accounts } from 'meteor/std:accounts-ui';

render() {
 return (
  <header className="header">
    <Accounts.ui.LoginForm />

I have a config file than I import in my main.js client:

import { Accounts } from 'meteor/std:accounts-ui';

  passwordSignupFields: 'USERNAME_ONLY',
  minimumPasswordLength: 4

I could give you the complete code if you need. I just don’t understand how I can display the errors …

Thanks for help.

Try importing react on top and update std:accounts-ui to the last version.