Meteor React tutorial step 8

Hello, Im noob.
I’m trying to get through meteor tutorial.
When I run meteor add accounts-ui accounts-password and then just start my app, or pass all steps of part 8 of tutorial, my app doesnt work.
I dont get errors in cmd, but I get many errors in browser console. I just see background in browser and nothing else.
I tryed to run meteor npm update or reinstall meteor, and it doesnt help.
Please help me :slight_smile:

Hey mate,

Could you share your packages file?

Or, even better, a github repo? It looks like the Meteor project is using the blaze boilerplate vs react. So it should be just a matter of updating the relevant packages and startup script.

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Here is my github repo


I cloned and ran the repo, I was able to load the page just fine:

The error you are getting, I am pretty sure are because accounts-ui is built on Blaze - if you remove the packages…

I’ve tried removing accounts-ui and all the errors go away. I would recommend not using accounts-ui if using react and building out the authentication ui yourself (it should be minimal work).