Meteor + React + velocity.js

Hey everyone,

For a large project we have decided to switch our app from Blaze to React.
In our current app we use alot of transitions made with either css or jQuery.
We know this is kind of bad practice, and for our second version we would like to use velocity.js.

React has the csstransitiongroup for animations, but that is kind of iffy.

Has anyone been able to implement velocity.js succesfully with React?
And if you did, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance,

curious about this as well, found a cool looking package for Velocity but it is not Meteor specific today:

AFAIK velocity was a temporary solution and people are moving away from velocity and the package is not actively maintained.

Everyone is waiting for Meteor 1.3 for testing

Different velocity. There’s a technology called Velocity for testing; and velocity.js for animations.

Ah gotcha!! Thanks for the clarification…

I use the following - works great:

Sorry i’m late on this, I wrote an article on how to do this with Velocity:

Note, it was before 0.14 so it doesn’t go over stateless components (which rarely need unit tested anyway IMHO).