Meteor + React + WebPack?

It seems like there are 573 different was to get Meteor to work with WebPack and React (everyone’s working on it). Does anyone have a simple one that “just works”? (without going through endless steps and preferably one that works/uses Meteor 1.3)


I’ve just tried to port Wekan to this React+Webpack in Meteor stack, and it worked a little bit at some point but then I hit a wall about a circular dependencies issue and I’m not sure how I should solve it. So I’m super curious if there is a way that “just work” as you said :slight_smile: Or at least I would like to heard more from people who have successfully overcome this migration—if any.

(As a side note, the only feature that really attracts me to Webpack in Meteor is the React Hot Loader, and given that there is no limitations that would prevent the implement of this feature on the Meteor build tool as well, I would be happy to remove Webpack and benefit from a better integration directly in Meteor if that happen)

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Have you tried this one?


Yes that’s the one I tried, because from my research it has the better integration with Meteor so far. I still had this issue of circular dependencies (and I’m not sure who is responsible for that), maybe I should just open a thread with my specific issue and someone will help me :smile:

That is exactly what I wanted. I tried it a few weeks ago and ran into many problems. Now it just works ™

Yeah guys, just submit your issues on those GH repos, @benoitt does a good job closing issues.

so far I can recommend ‘The Reactive Stack’ too :wink:


I’m glad you tried the Webpack package :slight_smile: Can you elaborate on your cricular dependencies problem? I would love to fix it!