Meteor reactivity problems

Having grown up with Meteor I still like Blaze a lot, but the lack of SSR has made me lock elsewhere for new projects, so I am actively checking out VueJS, which I like a lot so far.

I use the vue-meteor-tracker npm module for meteor reactivity with pub/sub, but it is not behaving the way I am used to.

Not only are subscriptions in a component firing outside the component lifecycle (based on console.log statements the meteor subscription is called before the component is even created, and then again when it’s mounted), the subscribed collections also do not behave the same way.

For example, when using skip and limit to subscribe/publish I notice that the total number of elements in the collection on the client don’t stay the same (limit) but increase as I skip through, which is not what I am used to at all.

Anybody around who has been seeing similar things or can provide an iron clad pattern how to work with reactivity and Vue? I have looked at all the demos and they seem to behave the same as my own code.