Meteor refresh is slow

hi!, i see videotutorial with the changes of you code change the html very fast, but in my computer delay 30", i have a power computer (i7, 16 gb ram, ssd disc). but i use windows, i need linux?

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I’ll ask additional question. What hardware will guarantee fast rebuilds with at least the set of packages recommended by Meteor Guide onboard? What should I buy to stop having such big delays?

Unfortunately if you are only relying on the meteor tool to build your application, your build time is going to increase as your app grows. One way to alleviate the issue a little it to follow a package based architecture. This is a bit more work but pays off because meteor will then only have to rebuild the package when it is changed and not your whole app.

If you are looking to significantly improve your build times you will have to look too webpack with babel and hot module replacement plugins. This is significantly harder to setup and understand until you get your head wrapped around it. Improved build times and HMR are only a couple of the advantages that webpack can give you though, and is well worth the time and effort.


I am following package based architecture and it’s still very slow. :smile:

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Yes, unfortunately even splitting your app into packages it’s much slower than one would like it to be. This is precisely why I’ve started to move to using webpack as much as possible… The Kickstart Hugeapp is a really easy way to get started if you are looking to go that direction… I’m personally seeing HMR updating the page in 2 - 3 seconds compared to 20+ seconds with a package based app I have lying around.

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Yeah, I like this project and I like how much faster the rebuilds are thanks to that. Sadly it’s configured for React, not Blaze. I hope one day we overcome this problem.

Yes, the fact that it is react is off putting to a lot of devs that really like blaze. From the perspective of someone who was very resistant to the idea of moving to react, once I made the switch I don’t think I will want to go back. First because of the fact that using react enables HMR so the build process seems much faster. Second is that I had been sitting on blaze for over a year now really hoping for something to be done about SSR. I don’t know about anyone else but I find this to be a pretty crucial feature and phantom hacks just don’t cut it. Then when I consider the fact that adding react router the the mix enables code splitting I just can’t justify not making the switch, and I think these are just the really obvious advantages… I’m only a couple weeks into my react journey and I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface.