Meteor remote inspect and live reload

Hi guys,

I have a meteor app running on my windows pc. I’d like to test this app in another devices connected in my network. I tried to access my desktop IP (like in this other devices but I don’t have any success. How I can do it?

I also like to remote inspect this meteor app, like open a remote console and execute some tests remote. Something like Prepros and Adobe Edge Inspect does.

Thanks for all,

This is what I do:

export ROOT_URL=
meteor run

Then just connect on the specified url. If you really can’t set things up locally due to your router/firewall/etc., you can also give ngrok a shot. Props to @sashko for bringing this one to my attention last year =)

You should be able to do that if you know the IP of your PC.
You might have a firewall on your PC blocking port 3000 from the LAN too.

My laptops IP is, so I can access my development environment from other computers on my LAN by just going to: