Meteor reset vs. db.dropDatabase()


I recently discovered that dropping the meteor test database using db.dropDatabase() from the meteor mongo shell is easier and more convenient than stopping the server, running meteor reset, then waiting for the server to restart. Are there any cons or things that don’t work properly when doing this?


I wasn’t sure myself so I checked the Meteor source code on Github and found it here: I’m posting from my iPad so I can tell word for work but whatever is in the .meteor/local gets removed.


Meteor reset also helps fixing build problems for example. Some Meteor versions ago this was a really essential thing because there were some issues with building to different platforms for example.

In general you should not need it.

What could work is creating a function which fill the database on server start with some demo data. Give the demo data a field: demo = true.

And then create a Meteor method to delete all demo data.

Then you can even put in a button or call it from the console for testing.