Meteor return result from large collection in chunks

So I’m making API for my application (currently Android). Problem is that I have a very large collection (about 10k entries) and when app make request to meteor app all the data is returned. What I need to do is to somehow return collection data in chunks for example client makes a request then server returns 20 entries (1-20) when second request is made server return other 20 entries (20-40) and so on… I can easily track number of entries that is in my client. So is is possible? I will add my code that returns all the data

"getNearestLocations": function(lng, lat) {
        var myTest = Collections.Location.find({
          location: {
            $near: {
                $geometry: {
                  type: 'Point',
                  coordinates: [lng, lat]
        return myTest;