Meteor Roadmap Update - 12/13/16

We’ve updated the Meteor roadmap with more information about what we (the project maintainers and contributors) will be focusing our time on for upcoming releases.

The roadmap is intended to reflect work that maintainers and contributors plan to undertake in the near- to medium- term.

This roadmap is not intended to be a grand vision for the framework or a commitment to delivering any feature on a particular timeline.

To make the roadmap a good resource for those looking to keep tabs on the project’s operation and progress, we now aim to update it monthly with status updates and changes to roadmap items. We hope you find it helpful!

Here’s a quick list of meta-level changes to the document that you should expect to see going forward:

  • Status information on roadmap items
  • Contributors with design approval can now submit changes to the roadmap
  • Summaries of recently completed items
  • New and changed roadmap items here

Many thanks to @benjamn & @sashko for their help in getting this refreshed!

Note: If you’d like to see a feature on the roadmap that isn’t there, please add to an existing issue or open a new one on meteor/meteor, as we won’t be collecting feature requests in this thread.


:tada: Fantastic, thank you @sashko and @benjamn ! It’s great to see what’s being worked on, even if it changes.


And there’s a process for adding additional priorities via issues and design documents! I think this is a new level of transparency, and we’re going to try to update at least monthly so that there are no questions about what we are working on!


This is a nice move. The community has been quite traumatized the past year, so hopefully this encourages people to stick around.


That’s a great move! I like that you included past developments and current status. If you update this monthly I’m sure everyone will be super happy :).

On a side note: Code splitting & dead code evaluation :heart_eyes:


Thanks @benjamn, @sashko and @thea for the great work you guys are doing!

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This is really great, thank you.

Community seemed to be in a lack of MDG confirmation that Meteor is still treated with love :slight_smile:


Saw the update on github by accident yesterday and was surprised about how good the things look on the paper :slight_smile:

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It’s exciting to see these great features prioritized for Meteor!

This very welcome. Great move.

Speeding up page load times will require a combination of new tools for asynchronous JavaScript delivery (code splitting), dead code elimination, deferred evaluation of JavaScript modules, and performance profiling (so that developers can identify expensive packages).


Thanks guys for your hard effort , you will be on the top only by your hard work .