METEOR rockstar needed for LONG TERM project (full-stack Meteor + React)

Dear meteor rockstar, :grinning:

yes, you is who I mean! You are a rockstar!

We are searching for an awesome meteor developer who is available right now to start working on a new project. From the ground up… starting blank. So this is your opportunity to put the best-practises in place.

Please give me a shout (via PM) if this sounds like you…

The official job post:

We have an immediate need for an experienced full-stack Meteor developer (best practises Meteor & React). Meteor experts with strong programming and architectural skills ONLY. We are big fans of clean & best-practise code. Are you too? All code will be reviewed by one of our senior developers, so please make sure to put your best foot forward!

As part of our hiring process, we always have candidates develop a small piece of functionality from our full product. This project is paid - if you deliver on time and specification. We do spend a little extra time up front on our hiring process, because we want to work with the best developers.

Long Term
Our hope is to find a developer we can work long-term with, and this initial project will serve as an introduction period to make sure we work well together.

Is this your stack?
First things first. Do you have really good experience with the following stack:

  • Meteor.js (using “traditional“ pubsub, meteor methods)
    • meteor best-practices
    • Best-practice packages, like aldeed*, uniforms, …
    • Test-Driven-Development on unit-level
  • React in Frontend
    • Based on Bootstrap 4 (less for css - to make things easy for designer)

Does this sound like you? Are you available right now?

If yes, then please send me a pm. Looking forward to working with you!


Pls check your PM. My portfolio

Hi, I can’t find your email. Could you send an email to
We are Designveloper, a Meteor Partner.

Hi @thebarty,

I’m very much interested and have good experience in Meteor+React stack. We can discuss further and follow to success.


Are you still looking ?

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Perhaps an issue on GitHub is a better idea rather than going off topic on someone else’s thread? Or at least you can help by opening a new thread, where to discuss constructively about issues surrounding the Angular integration.


Yes, still looking :grinning:

Hi. I’m a self taught programmer, a full- stack web developer with expertise in Node JS, MeteorJS, ReactJS, VueJS and frameworks/libraries around them. I’m looking for new opportunities and I’ve come across this one. And I could not be more confident in saying that I would be a perfect fit for this position. I would like to learn more about your position and see an eye-to-eye. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi, @thebarty
I really appreciate for your job post on
As a senior full-stack developer having 10+ years of experience, I am very familiar with Meteor and React.
Thus, I think the best candidate is here.
If you are interested, please reply to my message or let me know how could we continue to discuss.

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thank you
its wonderful

I can’t seem to find the PM option anywhere. I guess that disqualifies me immediately?

In this forum you apparently need to have a number of posts or replies so as to become eligible for sending PMs. Spam prevention I guess.

OK thanks :slight_smile:

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