Meteor run Android not working Android 23

I am trying to run my meteor web app on android but it isn’t working. It works on the first 2 checkmarks but not the third and gives me a message that I need Android 23.

I followed all of the steps on

Although I was tad a confused about how to “Set ANDROID_HOME and add the tools directories to your PATH” but I found a site online which explained that you just nano ~/.bash_profile and then put in the required lines (this was the one step I was unsure if I did right).

Anyway how can I fix this so that my web app runs on Android. I wanted to install it onto my device. It runs on the iOS simulator (though the bootstrap navbar doesn’t open from collapse).


You need open android sdk manager as administration permitions, and install android api 23
I Installed adroid sdk tools, android sdk platform-tools and android sdk-build tools becasuse the console tell me
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