Meteor run ios not connecting to server

I believe similar questions have been asked before: But, the solutions provided for these answers did not help me.

My problem is that when I do a

meteor run ios --mobile-server

The app doesn’t connect to the server, it just displays static content. The weird part about this is that when I change devices, it does work. It works on a random subset of simulated iphones, but not on others.

I’ve added App.accessRule('*'); to my mobile-config.js file, which suppresses the whitelist error. This error came from my app trying to connect to an old URL I had previously configured, but is no longer in existence. Adding the accessrule didn’t fix the error, just suppressed the error message, which makes me think that it’s still trying to connect to the old nonexistent server.

I think I’m starting to understand what might be going on here. If a device has previously downloaded a hot code pushed version, it will continue to use this even if a different version is bundled.

Could you try completely removing the app from the device and then reinstalling it? (For the simulator, you can also use ‘Reset Content and Settings…’)

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Yep, looks like your fix did the trick! Combined with winning a battle against an XCode update, everything now works!