Meteor scalability

Hi guys! Sorry for the “common” topic’s name, but i’ve facing some “issues” and i need to be reassured!

In the last period i was reading the forum and i’m a bit confused on what is happening to Meteor, but that’s not a problem, i’m a newbie and i need time to understand things :smiley:.
But i’m worried about one argument, the Scalability one. I read that Meteor works nicely with medium-size apps but has scalability problems with large-ones.
My question is: What does this imply? I mean: The fact that Meteor doesn’t scale well with large-apps, means that it can’t handle high-activity apps(it’s impossible to create large-apps?) or that it can handle large-apps but it needs more “machines”(power) to scale compared to another language + framework?
The first fact will imply the necessity to switch to another language for large-apps?
How an app is defined as “large” and “medium”?

I love Meteor, and i want to thank the MDG for the hard work and the wonderful community that helped me a lot since i started :smiley: .Also i’d like to continue with Meteor but i need some answers from you :smile:
Thanks fellows!

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Scalability won’t be an issue.

At start you can start with a what Mongo. As your app grows you can move your app’s different parts to different efficient data layers. GraphQL is a such a one way.

We are currently working on Mantra which enforce that flexibility.

Thanks for the information arunoda! I’ll check the GraphQL and look forward Mantra!

Are there some breakdown points when an app becomes “large” from a “medium” size?

It’s hard to tell. But you’ll be able to see it when it’s in production.
The thing is you don’t need to worry much.

Thanks arunoda! I was overthinking too much :smile: