Meteor Scaling - Redis Oplog [Status: Prod ready]


Feel free to just use getRedisPusher so you won’t have to re-configure your native redis. Yes, this idea can work nicely. I would solve it elegantly like keep all the redis messages in a queue, and then have ability to flush them them, but that would require additional work on the redis-oplog codebase.


@diaconutheodor, Thanks for reply
I was already using getRedisPusher but at the same time I have also namespace on the collection. When there is a namespace it is not getting pushed to redis and when I remove namespace then it is working fine.
How to deal with it when we have namespace ??
I have namespace something like

    mutation(options, { event, selector, modifier, doc }) {
      var companyId = selector && selector.companyId;
      if (event === Events.INSERT) {
        companyId = doc.companyId;
      Object.assign(options, {
        namespace: `company::${companyId}`

My request to correct / update outside mutation documentation w.r.t to getRedisPusher usage because getRedisPusher is a function and not a object, I think it should be

getRedisPusher().publish('tasks', EJSON.stringify({ [RedisPipe.DOC]: {_id: taskId}, [RedisPipe.EVENT]: Events.UPDATE, [RedisPipe.FIELDS]: ['status'] });