Meteor SEO - best practices

Hi there,

I would like to ask you about best SEO practices in Meteor. How do you handle it on your sites and webapps?

Is it possible to get result like this?

Answers will be strongly appreciated. Thanks!

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As far as I know, Google generates this site links automatically. In one of our apps I get the same results if I type in it’s name on Google. We’ve used (for setting the recommended HTML tags) and (to generate a static HTML file for spiders) as packages in our project.


Thanks. Can you tell me more about results of using spiderable? Is it behaves like normal, static site for Google bot? And how to test it properly?

Using curl and command:

curl http://localhost:3000/?_escaped_fragment_=

gives me standard view-source page. Am I doing something wrong?

Yeah, Google’s bot get a fully rendered static HTML site. You have to install PhantomJS to make it run. The curl command should return the whole HTML code of your site, not only the initial HTML code which was generated by Meteor.

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I would seriously consider using - MDG seem to have given it their seal of approval for Galaxy deployments.

4 Likes :wink: seems to be ok and they have a free plan :slight_smile:
If you need you can also set up your own

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I’ve used it before, but it stopped working when I had to add force-ssl to my project (because Chrome only allows camera access from secured sources).

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You mean that you stopped using Prerender due to force-ssl error, yes?

Yes, correct. Before Spiderable I’ve used a Prerender package from Node. When I got the problem with force-ssl I’ve tried two Meteor packages, but they also didn’t work.

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Hmmm this is strange because Galaxy pro accounts has as a standard preconfigured option and also they strongly recommend to always use SSL (this is also integrated). It will be good if someone from MDG could replay on this topic in the context of ssl and


Well, I’ve to say that it could be a problem that only occurs in my app, I’ve tried Prerender only on that one.

//Edit: Just saw that this issue seems to be fixed:


Hi tomcio,

First of all sorry for my english :slightly_smiling: as a Consultant SEO specialist maybe I can Give you some tips to help you get site links.

Remember what XTA said, Google generates these site links in an automated way, but you have several ways to help googlebot. Google shows these links on navigational queries like your “cnn” example. To make the things faster you had to find ways to get more links pointing to your website and using your brand name as anchor text. These links tends to point to your homepage, but try to get ones that point to some of the internal pages you would like to be shown through these site links.

Last thing to get in mind, Google tends to choose the internal pages that seems important to users. In almost of cases these pages are the ones shown in your navigation bar, because they are the ones that gets more Pagerank.

Hope this it helps

OK, thank you Walid. Your answer is very helpfull :slight_smile:

Why you use Prerender before? Isn’t Prerender uses Phantom? I use Phantom and Spiderable and works great

Because Prerender saves CPU, they do the rendering on their servers.


How we do SEO in #meteor at scale. No prerender, no Galaxy -


Thanks a lot for this!

As ES6 came into the game (Meteor doesn’t transpile NPM packages written in ES6) well known prerender is failed to render our pages. We’ve solved it with prerendering service.

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I have written a guide for setting up basic SEO in Meteor here

SEO Essentials for Meteor

Hope this helps someone.