Meteor SEO with new googlebot

Hi everyone,

New googlebot is a lot better in indexing js based websites but still there are some problems. The new bot is indexed my website including the header footer and everything that is not related to subscriptions but it doesn’t wait for subscriptions to be ready and thus for example posts in the first page are not getting indexed.

What do you guys do in such case ? New posts are coming each minute and I can’t use or it will become too expensive. Do you guys have any suggestion ?

I would recommend SSR + Caching. I plan to write up an article detailing it a bit more soon, but you can see it in action on if you aren’t logged in.

I also have this article to help:

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Is prerendering and server side rendering the same thing? I’m deploying with Galaxy and they do prerendering.

You can self-host prerender! I would personally recommend putting it on a separate box though, a cheap $5/month DO droplet would suffice:

Pretty much, yes!

But how to connect meteor with our server ?

Well, you could use the prerender-node package or this Meteor-specific one.

Either one should do the job. You’ll need to install the prerender server from the link in my previous post on a server or locally to get it working. Docs can be found here:

Thanks @korus90 I see how to make that now :wink:

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I found that to be fairly unstable with docker and a $10 DO, ymmv.

Did you also have your site on the same server? When I used it before, I put it on a separate server.

It should be possible to use mdg:seo package for non-Galaxy users.

mdg:seo is wrapper around prerender-node and it is maintained version of

Your prerender token in settings.json can be an arbitrary string.

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