Meteor server memory utilization

My meteor app is consuming loads of server memory. The node process shows up as consuming 2.3 GB RAM. I don’t see a memory leak happening. As soon as the server starts it consumes this much of RAM. The app is not live yet but we have content created in the app / mongodb by the team for the live app . Can someone help me please to understand if this much RAM utilization possible or I am definitely doing something wrong somewhere.

  1. Does it spend 2.3Gb RAM locally (while developing) or you are about production app?
  2. If production, does it spand 2.3Gb without any active session?
  3. If production, have you try to check it with Kadira? Last week I’ve been optimizing one app, and found memory leaks with kadira in a few minutes!

Here’s a tip: Do a meteor build, run the resulting app directly under Node, and see if that helps.
For my app the idle RAM usage goes down from 1.1GB to 600MB this way.