Meteor server to server coms using connect()

Is anyone using DDP.connect() for temporary Meteor-server-to-server communication?

For example:

  • Meteor Server A would like to start a process on Meteor Server B that might take anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Meteor Server B has Meteor Methods that can be called to do this work.
  • Meteor Server B has the URLs of several MongoDBs, including Server As.
  • Meteor Server B could have multiple servers connected to it via Meteor.connect() at any one time.
  1. Meteor Server A server-side, opens a temporary connection to Meteor Sever B using DDP.connect(SERVER_URL).
  2. Meteor Server A Makes a Metoer Method call to Meteor Server B requesting a job start running, passing in the MongoDB ID it should use to do the work.
  3. 2 minutes later, Meteor Server B completes the work and returns a URL string to Meteor Server A.
  4. Meteor Server A server-side, now disconnects from Meteor Server B.

Does this work flow make any sense? What are the drawbacks to this? Is there example code I can review using this approach?