Meteor session: how much data is too much..?

still okay when i store up to 800 documents of array object contain _id and title (string)…

how much data is considerably too much…??

where meteor session store the data…??

thank Youu,

Imho it’s not ok to use Session at all.

heloo @vjau thank You for your response…

unfortunately for some reason i need session, care to explain your opinion…?? maybe i should think another way,

Similar to @vjau, my preferred approach would be to use no session data at all. In almost all cases I have come across for putting something in the Session can easily be mitigated by using scoped reactive-vars, usually on the template.

That said, I’m not sure what exactly you are asking here. What is this data? Why is it important? Do you need 800 documents right now? Where is it being used? Should I store the data in the database and subscribe to it when necessary? Can I fetch the data through a method and keep it on the template instance?

These are the kind of questions you want to be asking yourself when you think about putting data into the Session.


helloo @pchoo

thank You for your response…

my reasons…

  • i’m tired to subscribe, fetch, and maintain the same data within multiple template…
  • due to i use this data within multiple template, reactivevar is not an option here…
  • why don’t cache…?? i have issue…

have better solutions…?? thank You…

Hi @karina, I’ve replied to your issue, take a look and let me know what you think

@karina Take a look at using Local Collections e.g. LocalCollection = Meteor.Collection(null) You’ll be able to query the data and in a way this acts a lot like a cache.

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Since I’ve started to use manuel:viewmodel, I forgot that such things as Session, ReactiveVar or ReactiveDict even exist, they’re just not needed anymore.

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helloo @lazyPixel thank You for your suggestion…

care to elaborate a little or maybe references for LocalCollection

it is something new for me…

thank You,


something like this…??

Meteor.publish(null, function() {
	return Meteor.users.find(this.userId);

autopublish without autopublish package… unfortunately this isn’t what i want… but good option when i stuck…

thank Youu,

You need to declare a local collection on the client like this:
SelectedTodos = new Mongo.Collection(null);
Then you can query and store like any other Collection.
Please see the official meteor guide for reference:
Meteor Guide local Collections

wooahhh, official meteor guide… didn’t know this before, thank You so much for pointing it out…!!

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uhhh, another too late to find out fab package… now my project already big and too much to rewrite… but thank You for your recommendation, i’ll give it a try next time…!!

To answer your original questions:

In browser memory.

You’ll know when your browser crashes :wink:

However, you would have exactly the same concerns with local collections, which are also stored in browser memory.

then, it is javascript object, i’ve calculated it takes 184586 bytes…!! isn’t a big chunk i think…

yayyy, happyy… so many choices…!! thank You All… love Meteor… love Community… (✿◠‿◠)