Meteor shell is broken if project name ends in 'methods'?


running into a strange issue with trying to run meteor shell – I keep getting

Server unavailable (waiting to reconnect)

and the only thing I did different from yesterday to today is install nginx and dnsmasq (using homebrew on a Mac) so I suspect this is a port or DNS issue.

I may have to slog through the code to find out ports, but thought I’d ask here, so maybe one of you awesome folks can save me some time?



Adding a bit more color… it seems to only happen if the root project folder’s name ends with the word ‘methods’ . So, if I create a meteor project like so:

meteor create server-methods

boot meteor up, boot meteor shell up, and then make a change to the files or file structure, meteor shell give me the waiting to reconnect error above. If the name doesn’t end in ‘methods’ it works just fine.

Very odd behavior… can someone else replicate?
1- new meteor project that ends with 'methods’
2- spin up meteor and meteor shell
3- make a change to the files or file structure of the project

let me know if you get the same error? thx!


You have to first start your meteor app
$ meteor
Than open second console and
$ meteor shell

@micmac I know that – it’s my step 2 on repro steps above.
when I have both meteor and meteor shell running (each one having its own console window) and the name of the project root folder has the word ‘methods’ at the end, I’m getting this problem.

Could someone try and replicate for me, please?

We’re still feeling out how forums should work. But if you’re fairly sure it’s a bug, I would suggest filing an issue at We have a structured process for going through everything submitted there.

@strack i have created a project and edited server-methods.css and got no error, i’m using Ubuntu 14.04

meteor create server-methods

michael@mjm:~/meteorwiese/server-methods$ meteor
[[[[[ ~/meteorwiese/server-methods ]]]]]      

=> Started proxy.                             
=> Started MongoDB.                           
=> Started your app.                          

=> App running at: http://localhost:3000/
=> Client modified -- refreshing (x2)

Thanks for checking, @micmac. I appreciate it. I’ll just chalk it up to the ghost in the machine, i guess. not critical anyway.

@debergalis - thanks Matt. I didn’t want to submit as a bug/issue until I was sure it could be reproduced. Appreciate it.