Meteor Shell Tips?

Hello Everybody,

i’m in a phase right now where I’m using meteor shell a touch more often.

It’s pretty great for what it does, but I am wondering if there are some things I should know about…


  • Can I search in the shell history? Or navigate better in it?
  • What other funky helpers could there be hiding?
  • I’ve got some issues with copying+pasting blocks of code sometimes, also editing lines doesn’t always show correctly what’s going on (using iterm2 on OSX)?

I noticed that up/down let me navigate through my recent commands…

But that’s it mostly.

The meteor docs are here: .

Is the shell thing a standard in some way shape or form? I think these shells sometimes look suspiciously similar to each other between different servers / apps… eg. MongoDB / Database Shells, other language REPLs etc… is there some unix standard / default going on somewhere? Are there different interfaces / helpers? Would a different shell / terminal client do me some good?

In short, any Tips + Tricks I didn’t find yet? Is there a help file / section somewhere?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, and to reply to myself:

Tabbing also seems to complete available properties + variables… actually I’m a bit surprised that that works now as I feel like I tried this before and it was quite unreliable / often times didn’t happen…