Meteor should choose right cryptocurrency, DASH = Digital Cash


Administrators pointed to me that my post is considered to be a spam.
It was really not my intention to spam the community with some promotion to buy anything.
DASH is open source project and I believe it fits perfectly in Meteor ecosystem.
Actually If Meteor is aiming to be platform for the Internet apps, also DASH is aiming to became internet cash , I really see bright future for Meteor and DASH together!

That is why i am leaving my post unedited:

I am long supporter of Meteor and DASH on another side, so wanted to bring to Meteor community information about possibility to rise new projects or extend ongoing projects with unique and best technology in cryptocurrency ecosystem, just like Meteor is :slight_smile:

I have posted few days ago full info about DASH (Digital Cash), but it gets off the board…
Now I am trying just to inform community about latest technology in cryptocurrency ecosystem without external links.

So why DASH?

  1. Simply, because it has succeed where BitCoin failed.
  2. It has instant transactions (only few seconds confirmation) just like credit cards processing time, but in 100% decentralized way
  3. It has private transactions, so nobody can trace your spending money, unlikely to BTC or credit cards
  4. Blockchain technology and master node network provides a new platform for many projects which could be implemented, like encrypted decentralized cloud storage, encrypted messages for new type of chat rooms, messengers or mails, future eShop solutions where instant confirmations of transactions and real value can be transferred instantly, etc…
  5. Decentralized governance of projects
  6. DASH evolution - infrastructure and protocol for the worlds first ever decentralized API = DAPI …

Google it… and dont miss DASH org, you should fell in love like you fell in love with Meteor :smile:


As much as I’m in favor of Dash, this is off-topic here.


Actually I dont see why it is off topic…
We are in developing of one project in Meteor and exclusively design only to accept DASH

Idea was to point to community that they can use edge technology payment system and not rely on any 3rd party…

If Meteor community finds this to be spam… I am sorry about it :frowning:
Thought Meteor community is open to free discussion, Like I was posting to DASH dev team to consider Meteor to build premium UX wallet…

Sorry again if I disturb Meteor community…


We have a category for offtopic conversations:


Ok then can admin move this topic to more appropriate area, or I can move it by myself?


According to Dash is a second generation digital currency that fixes some problems inherent in first generation digital currencies like Bitcoin. Dash is short for “digital cash,” and just like cash, transactions are private, instantaneous and secure.