Meteor simple todos tutorial - issue

Hi! I’m new to meteor and if to be honest and to nodejs but for me to learning something it’s to start to do something!
I have started Todo app with angular
But i have something errors in my app(console…) on second step of tutorial "Templates "and nothing display in browser!
I had created a repo here - GitHub - selstos/meteor: Meteor learning
And this is a screen-shot with errors:

Thanks in advance for help and excuse for bad english!

Did you remove the blaze templating package and add Angular?

meteor remove blaze-html-templates

meteor add angular-templates

meteor npm install --save angular angular-meteor

(I see angular-templates in your .meteor/packages but can you confirm that you installed the npm package as well?

Upon running your program it tells me:

Unable to resolve some modules:

“angular” in /home/dev/meteor/imports/components/todosList/todosList.js (web.browser)
“angular-meteor” in /home/dev/meteor/imports/components/todosList/todosList.js (web.browser)
“babel-runtime/helpers/classCallCheck” in /home/dev/meteor/imports/components/todosList/todosList.js (web.browser)

If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:

meteor npm install --save angular angular-meteor babel-runtime

Running the following command fixes your issue for me:

meteor npm install --save angular angular-meteor babel-runtime

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Hi! First thanks a lot for help!

meteor npm install --save angular angular-meteor work fine for me!

When i created simple-todos app i just use these sequence of commands:

meteor remove blaze-html-templates

Now we need to replace it with UI package for angular:

meteor add angular-templates

To start working with angular-meteor, let’s add some NPM packages.

I wrote meteor npm install instead meteor npm install --save angular angular-meteor

What proves that it is necessary to sleep at night:slight_smile: But i was very curious to give a try with node js and especially with Meteor framework!
Even it is a little a shame that hasn’t noticed it))
Thanks again i’m glad that Meteor have such active community - it’s will really help in near future!

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Glad I could help.

Happy coding.

Thanks buddy and the same to you!