Meteor sites not apps

Is meteor proper for making MVC sites?
I mean something like shopping sites?


Yes, with server rendering Meteor is great solution for ecommerce!

Thanks for your response orloff.
But I mean MVC pattern. Something like mvc or Ruby on Rails.
Can meteor do this?

Meteor give you freedom of choice and does not force you to write using certain model, you can arrange the code in any way you want, including MVC

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That depends on how you see MVC when you have a rich front end.

In the project I’m working on, we’re doing MVC on the server side like so:

Model: A service layer between the methods and collections that contains the business logic.
Similar to Meteor-tuts recommended architechture

View: Meteor takes care of compiling views and sending them to client, which is a separate MVVM app using Blaze

Controller: Meteor methods are controllers, they perform authentication and authorisation checks before delegating the work to the model. Don’t put any business logic in here

This separation has helped make everything easy to unit test

The pattern for the front end is a whole other thing


Reaction Commerce is an example of Meteor for e-commerce.

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