Meteor Skeleton code


I started to make a boilerplate meteor application which is functionally the same as meteor create app

The following have been put on top of the skeleton app.

  • gulp help
  • Linter rules defined
  • Formatter rules defined
  • API documents are generated
  • Travis builds configured
  • Editor config
  • Testing support

Would it be beneficial for me to create a pull request to use it as the skeleton? And if so can someone point out where the existing skeleton is code-wise?


Looks cool. I don’t think it’s appropriate to be the default skeleton app because it’s doing a bunch of stuff differently from the Meteor Guide.

You do bring up a good point that we should probably have a more complete skeleton app with meteor create


It would be nice if when you meteor create it offers some selections between popular skeletons, Base, Mantra, the old Blaze v1.2 Skeleton and the current skeleton. Like when you eslint init. I have a little script that auto-pulls from some of those repos after meteor creating.


I would like it if the Meteor create command created the imports containers and layouts folders automatically. Establish the right way right away.

For react meteor apps anyway.


That would be good. The Meteor chef has one for React, I’m building it for AngularJS 1.x (not 2.0) I’ve more of the “enterprise” background and as the Meteor Night presentation with OK Grow had put on their slide something about Angular being enterprisey.

I may create an Angular 2.0 version later, but at the moment I am doing the 1.x first.

The AngularJS work is tracked on this branch.

So far in addition to the boilerplate I have the following features added for AngularJS


The differences are quite intentional, it is more following what meteor create does, but actually move it to follow some of the things documented in the guide.

Primarily I am using it as a starting point for the AngularJS 1.x boilerplate.