Meteor-slingshot with thumbnail generation


Does anyone use slingshot with creating thumbnails? What is the approach to take? Thanks for any suggestions!


Wondering nobody replied in 3 years. Can anybody suggest here? i am also trying for same.


I think it’s because the question is too general.

All that slingshot does is upload an image to a storage from the client and then returns the URL of that image. You can then store the URL in a the DB and referenced it later. If you want to do some processing on the image, then you can either do it at the client before sending or there are third-party services that connect to S3 and get triggered on upload.

It’s a generic answer for a generic question I guess but I hope it helps.


Agree with alwai.

Fwiw, I’m using slingshot for the upload to S3 and then displaying the images using cloudinary’s auto-upload:


The easiest solution here might be to resize the images on the client. There are many libraries available for this. Then, you could upload multiple images to S3 via Slingshot. For example, image_original.png, image_medium.png, image_small.png


I use slingshot for something similar - but upload directly to Cloudinary. Before the image is uploaded I use the HTML5 File API to display the image from a blob, then switch it once it’s uploaded.


I had a solution to do this using pica, but it ended up locking up the browser in some cases. I had to bypass it.