Meteor-soap Client, how to send POST request, not GET?

I am using zardak:soap package to create SOAP Client for ADV Cash API (
One of API’ s requirement is to use only POST requests from Client.
But I can’t realize how to force SOAP Client send POST request. It sends only GET ones.
I create Client like:

client = Soap.createClient("")

and it is OK, it creates

but when i am tying to call any of client.method() the API returnes me errors because of GET request.
Can anybody to explain me how to send POST requests?

Did you find a solution to this issue?

It’s probably better to start a new topic, than to resurrect one that’s two years old.

However, as I’m here now :wink:, it’s been considered best practice for some time now to use native npm packages instead of atmosphere “wrappers”, unless the wrapper adds specific Meteor behaviours and the package is actively maintained.

In the case of a SOAP client, the easy-soap-request package looks like it will do what you want.


honestly saying I don’t remember exactly…
there was some issue in npm package used inside this Meteor wrapper package.
As fas as we can use npm packages directly, I am totally agree with robfallows, it’s better to use native npm.