Meteor +



I was trying to make Meteor and work since I need to use as signaling server for WebRTC app.

With Meteor 1.3, would you know how I can convert this line (server-side

var io = require('')(80);



See my example projet


Hello akryum,

Thanks so much for this especially the server-side way of doing it. I had the same workaround for the client side. :smile:

I wonder, will the PORT variable not have any issues when deployed? Is there a reason why it’s 8080 instead of 3000?

Maybe it can be like

const PORT = process.env.PORT || 8080

Anyways, I’ll check when I got home


You cannot use the same port as meteor or socket will throw a Address in use Error.
I updated the example project to be able to set the port with an environment variable.

Alternatively, we could use a connect or express server and redirect calls to ‘/socket’ to our socket server like this.