Meteor SSR page render screen flash

Things with SSR are starting to make more sense which is great. Thanks for all the help so far.

I’ve started noticing that on SSR loaded pages there is a screen flash (kinda like a page reload). I think this is related to hydration. It’s not a very clean user experience and I’d like to get rid of it if possible.

Is this normal?

Please let me know if I need to post code.

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You probably use some data-fetching-library like apollo or meteor collections.

These libraries need to also “hydrate” or refill their cache, otherwise they have to refetch the data. E.g. if you use a meteor collection, it is empty when the javascript on the client starts. If for example you render a list based on this collection, this list will be empty right after hydration, altough the server render returned the full list as html.

for apollo graphql see here

for meteor collections/pub-sub use

also check your console if react gives a warning about hydration

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Do you have a public repo? Would be much easier to look into this…

yes sir tottaly agree with you it would be much easier…
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