Meteor SSR with FlowRouter (Now it's almost ready)

I think, I don’t need to tell more about why Server Side Rendering is important. Here are few of them.

  • It helps on SEO/Social Sharing
  • It makes page loads faster

We’ve been working on a SSR implementation for FlowRouter in the last few months. Now, SSR part is ready and you can use it in production.

Have a look at this post: FlowRouter SSR is almost ready

In this post, I’ve showed some demo apps and ways to build a SSR aware Meteor app.

This is Meteor 1.3 ready.


Just to clarify when you say “This is Meteor 1.3 ready”. Do you mean we can use it in conjunction with the npm version of React?

Hi @arunoda

I assume this works exclusively with React? I recall you mentioning earlier that SSR for Blaze was theoretically possible, but the main road block was that the Blaze templates weren’t available server side. Now that you have spent more time working on this, are you confident it’s possible? Is it even worth doing now, considering the direction Meteor is going towards?

I just wanna say that I’m loving the format of this blog post with the little monkey faces doing Q&A style questions

:monkey_face:: Wow, how can I get started with FlowRouter SSR?

Awesome work btw, this has been a much-needed feature for awhile now


Yes it is. Check this repo:

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Yes. FlowRouter SSR is not depend on the view layer.
React specific logic is done by the React Mounter.

So, we can do a one for Blaze as well. But, we need to SSR support from Blaze. I’m not sure about it.

Thanks. May be I need to find a different face.

I look forward to adapt it sooner!