Meteor standalone deployment on Private Cloud


I have searched online documentation but couldn’t find any appropriate step-by-step process to create a deployment standalone server (or on a VPS) where I can simply deploy the tar ball created by the meteor build. Can anyone please share the same on any Linux platform.

Even the official deployment guide on tell about following but not native deployment:

  • Compose
  • Modulus
  • Digital Ocean
  • Galaxy

I will really appreciate quick pointers to deploy meteor over native Linux server.

Thanks, Atul

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Just follow the steps the guide outlines for deploying to Digital Ocean. DO is just a web server like any other, so these instructions should apply to your setup, as long as you also have Ubuntu Linux installed.

You can use mupx to make deployment on your server easier.

Which “official deployment guide” are you referring to? The Custom deployment section of the Meteor Guide outlines how to build your app (for the proper architecture) using meteor build, then shows how to run the generated node app (using Ubuntu Linux in the example).

I actually followed the entire process given in DO (Link) however it is flawed now. I am not sure it got broken because of Meteor of 1.3 but somehow the specified Node.js version is not supported. Moreover, it even didn’t gave any error message on output. I have to some do some trial & error to investigate it. So I was trying to get some fool proof document of standalone deployment (starting from the tar ball).
I might end up writing it myself sometime soon.