Meteor standalone deployment

Has anybody experience with deploying Meteor as a standalone app? By that I mean, everything running on a single machine (server, database, and client). Electron or similar should simplify things for the client, but what about the rest?

The goal would be to have standalone deployments of a single-user app.

I am aware of meteor-desktop but this seems to rely on a remote server/database.

Yes, that’s how I do everything. I just run meteor build and scp the server tarball to my server, untar it, follow the instructions in the readme.txt that meteor provides and leave it running in a screen then route it via nginx as an upstream. Works a charm.

Seems like a development environment exactly fits your definition. If that’s the case, then a docker development build it similar to what you need

@truedon @rjdavid What about bundling the client and server.database together? So that the server/database gets started when opening the client and stops when closing the client. The goal would be for the app to feel like a standalone program. I am researching this just as a way to repurpose an app written in Meteor, not as a convoluted way to write new desktop offline applications.

Check out ground db it’s for offline storage. Could fit the bill nicely bud