Meteor status stuck on "waiting"


I’m having some trouble with an app. The app runs fine from the browser, but when running from a mobile device the connection is never made to the server. If the user tries to login it just gets stuck waiting from a response to the server. No errors or warnings on the console.

Meteor.status().status returns “waiting”.

The app is running Meteor

The strange thing is there is another app on the same server and the mobile version runs fine. I’ve tried to set the server address from the non-working app to the working one, just to see if it connects, and even then the status is stuck on waiting, which seems to indicate it’s a problem with the mobile app.

Any tips or ideas?

Thank you, any input is appreciated.


Turns out it was a problem with the SSL certificates on the server. They were not properly installed. They were missing some intermediate CA.

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