Meteor Streams smart package



I found the Meteor Streams package from Arunoda very interesting :

But I just found out that it is flagged on atmosphere and it says it doesn’t work for Meteor v0.9+.
Why a great package like this isn’t supported anymore ? What are the altenatives ?



It’s worth noting that @arunoda is looking for a maintainer to take this package over.


This fits a discussion on this board at Meteor and the Internet of Things (IoT) - whats best to use? Collection, Meteor-Streams, Streamy. As Michael advised, take a look at local client collections – it should be give same functionality you wished to get from streams. Btw. streams package is still working, we are using it on all releases up to current stable.


A while ago, I started a package for using directly Meteor sockets to do realtime non-persistent stuff and I’m currently refactoring it. You can find it here:


Thank you all.
What about ? it is widely used outside Meteor, why not with meteor ?