Meteor stuck at starting your app

Take a look .meteor/local/db dir – check if there is a mongod.lock file.

If there is, check its contents – it should be empty.

If its not empty, it means MongoDB wasn’t gracefully shutdown or something.

Try deleting this file (or deleting its contents) and running Meteor again.

rm -f .meteor/local/db/mongod.lock

It was meteor reset that finally fixed it for me but I also did…

meteor reset
rm -rf node_modules/
meteor rebuild

NOTE: Backup your database first! This will delete your mongo database.

In my experience (we build, test and deploy all our meteor apps on windows) this is 99% of the time because of Windows Defender or another antivirus.

Adding /Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/.meteor, node.exe, 7z.exe and choco.exe to the exclusions fixes most windows problems

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Hi, same with Meteor 1.8. windows 10

Thanks to @rafialikhan, with a separate mongodb it’s work, but why ???

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I’m having the same problem at the moment. (Meteor 1.8)
I launch my app with meteor, it worked, i stopped it, and restart it with meteor.
And now the Starting the app is stuck :disappointed_relieved:

meteor reset fixes the problem but i need to execute it everytime before using meteor to launch the app.
It’s not a viable solution…

Process to reproduce the problem:

meteor create test
cd test
meteor // App is working
Ctrl+C // Stopping the app
meteor // Stuck at Starting your app

Fixed the problem on Meteor 1.8 / Windows 10.

I installed my Meteor using the installer from here:
I tried to reinstall it with the same installer, the problem persisted.

So i decided to reinstall meteor using chocolatey (the way tells us).
I just had to use meteor reset the first time and now it’s working fine !

TL;DR: Reinstall meteor using chocolatey and use meteor reset before the first run.

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Thanks, it works with choco!

I had this issue on meteor 1.8 with windows 10 and I refuse to install chocolatey for several reasons.
Anyway I was having this error with every app: custom, new, tutorial and official example apps.
I simply have to remove .meteor\local\db\METEOR-PORT before running meteor, this solved the problem for every app.


While trying to solve the problem I tried :
set METEOR_LOG = debug
meteor --verbose
After I tried it, I have many problems and no longer works.
after that I tried downloading meteor from (( meteor is never worked, So uninstall it and
I tried downloading from chocolatey and this is what I have when I try to create a new application
please help me


The --force option should be used as:

choco install meteor --force

:hand: Ensure you install Meteor with administrator capability (for example, PowerShell run as Administrator).

:hand: Ensure you run Meteor (any meteor commands) as your user, not Administrator.

Can somebody help me with this error
I m learning meteor and it’s my first application