Meteor stuck at starting your app


Take a look .meteor/local/db dir – check if there is a mongod.lock file.

If there is, check its contents – it should be empty.

If its not empty, it means MongoDB wasn’t gracefully shutdown or something.

Try deleting this file (or deleting its contents) and running Meteor again.

rm -f .meteor/local/db/mongod.lock


It was meteor reset that finally fixed it for me but I also did…

meteor reset
rm -rf node_modules/
meteor rebuild

NOTE: Backup your database first! This will delete your mongo database.


In my experience (we build, test and deploy all our meteor apps on windows) this is 99% of the time because of Windows Defender or another antivirus.

Adding /Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/.meteor, node.exe, 7z.exe and choco.exe to the exclusions fixes most windows problems