Meteor Subdomain on Mac

The web shows many ways to accomplish this with php but how to with Meteor? I want something like: app.localhost:3000/. Is this possible? But I’d setup a link for that path. The homepage and other will be at localhost:3000/*.

Perfect example:

  • Link one: welcome points to /
  • Link two: about points to /about
  • Link three: hello points to hello/localhost:3000/foo/

If this is just for local development, you can create any domain/sub-domain name you want in your /etc/hosts file, pointing it to For example, if you add app.localhost to your /etc/hosts file, you can then access your meteor app at http://localhost:3000 or http://app.localhost:3000. Both URLs will behave in exactly them same way though. If you want different things to happen based on accessing one of the 2 URLs, then you’ll have to handle this via routing in your app (or create separate apps, etc.).