Meteor support for DynamoDB and AWS Lamdba

I was looking at a new project on Github today which essentially used AWS Lambda functions to runt he back end for a javascript based front end application and it got me thinking about my favorite project, Meteor!

First off, I know quite a lot of thought and effort is being put into implementing a native SQL RDBMS solution to be an option along side Mongo for data. Has any thought been put into using an AWS DynamoDB instance as well? It seems this would be closer to the original server side Mongo/client side miniMongo that we use today but with a hosted data solution. I think the biggest issue would be in using the opslog which wouldn’t be available for DynamoDB but there may be another solutions.

Second, I know Meteor makes extensive use of DDP as opposed to passing data through a RESTful interface. With that said it would still seem that running some of those connections through AWS Lambda functions would not be an insane idea at all. Has this been tried and is there any plan for this sort of functionality in the future? It would be quite interesting!

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I couldn’t agree more with DynamoDB. Amazon has had support for JSON storage for awhile so should be much easier than an RDBMS.

Any consideration especially given the growth in AWS and cloud services?


Everybody dreams about this but DynamoDB is a little bit more complicated to use than MongoDB (tables, IO, index, types, selector, search, …). Read the doc on AWS, you will understand why it’s not already done, it’s not fun to do…

But, you’re right, this is where we need to go !

There are some project about DynamoDB with NodeJS / Javascript: