Meteor Support Responses - Websockets


I have submitted a support request with yourselves through the suggested support form regarding SSL’s and websockets. We did get a reply from one of your reps which was encouraging. However, having chased more than once, tomorrow will be a week without a follow up reply from Support regarding a live issue. The issue with websockets seems wider spread, and this seriously affects the performance of the App when it is forced to use AJAX instead.

There are no logs in galaxy and only minimal, unhelpful logs in APM, without further information we are unable to even get understanding regarding the underlining issue. Without communication from yourselves we are truely stuck.

Our application has been recently launched, and we are looking to grow and scale it as our client base does. We like anyone else are questioning our use of galaxy hosting, it is not cheap and currently we see it as NONE-functioning. With no support we are questioning the value of your service. Please can you get back to us on here or through your support ticket system, we need a resolution urgently.